Film Trivia: 9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About “The Hangover”

1. During casting for “The Hangover”, Lindsay Lohann was offered the part of Jade, the stripper, but turned it down because she wasn’t into the script and thought the movie wouldn’t succeed. Heather Graham got the role instead, and appears again in Part III. Lohan later admitted to regretting her decision.

2. Ed Helms didn’t need a special mouthpiece for his character Stu’s missing tooth. In real life, Helms has a tooth implant because his adult incisor never grew in. He simply removed his dental implant for filming.

3. Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jr. were considered for John Goodman’s role in “The Hangover Part III.”

4. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton visited the set of “The Hangover Part II” in Bangkok, Thailand. Unfortunately, he didn’t film a cameo.

5. The role of the tattoo artist in “The Hangover Part II” was originally intended for Mel Gibson, but that plan was rejected after protests from the cast and crew. Liam Neeson played the role instead; but later, the director wanted to reshoot the scene, and Neeson was filming “Wrath of the Titans” at the time. So finally, Nick Cassavetes took on the role.

6. Zach Galifianakis made an alternate music video for Kanye West’s song “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” which is featured in “The Hangover” soundtrack. It was filmed on Zach’s farm in North Carolina.

7. Ken Jeong brought his children to the set to watch him film scenes for “Hangover Part III.”

8. During production of the first “Hangover,” a beat-up Mercedes that was being used during filming was stolen from the lot. It was recovered the next day when someone on the production staff spotted the car in traffic while they were filming driving sequences.

9. “Hangover 1” starts with Glenn Danzig’s “13” because it is ultimately about bad luck and bad decisions, says Todd Phillips, adding, ‘If you really watch “The Hangover”, all three of them, closely, you’ll see the number 13 appear all over the movie because of that.

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