#2 – A Walk Among The Tombstones – by Nick Andersen



A Walk Among The Tombstones is a 2014 movie. First thing that came to my mind was, ‘Yay a Liam Neeson film!’ But wait, not so fast. While generally any movie that has Mr. Neeson in it is an enjoyable one, this one has mixed reviews.


Yes Liam Neeson played his part good, but the movie itself was rather dull. In fact I believe if Liam wasn’t in it, it might have very well failed. Based on his latest films over the years, we have come to know Liam’s characters as a person fighting evil, without having to be a superhero. You can see him as an average everyday-kind-of-looking guy helping those in need.

The plot is basically about a retired cop working as a P.I., who helps a drug trafficker find his wife’s kidnappers/killers. The screenplay is sort of dull. It’s films like these where I wonder why the people decided to make this into a movie. Most do movies to entertain and that is what I think the goal was with this one since it’s not a true story. So it was made to entertain, but I found it strange to pay attention. It was slow in the beginning and honestly I just kept watching because Liam Neeson’s in it. I can understand it being a book as anyone who likes crime books would enjoy it, but to make it into a movie wasn’t necessary but either way it is and that’s why I am writing my review about it.

This was the first movie I watched by director Scott Frank. He also did the screenplay which I was surprised to find out since I read he had done other ones which were good like Get Shorty, Minority Report, The Interpreter and The Lookout. He also did Marley & Me which I didn’t really enjoy, but I mention it as it did really good in the cinemas.

David Harbour and Adam David Thompson (the kidnappers) did a good job playing the bad guys. Why? Because I did not like them. I disliked David Harbour (Ray) more with that dumb grin on his face but if your job is to play a bad guy and you have people disliking you, then you did a good job on the role.

The idea of having a homeless kid tag along as a sidekick with the main guy sounds like the foundation for almost any superhero movie. I’m not sure if it made this particular movie better. Perhaps they added that touch so we would smile every now and then in this negative and dark/cold film.

The filming was different. New to me as I have never seen Scott Frank direct before. Some shots looked homemade. Others from a distant; not so much up close. Nothing wrong with that, that’s just his style.

The soundtrack throughout the movie was also strange. It puts you in a weird mood.

I guess if you are into the Brooklyn type crime and thrillers you would enjoy this movie more. I think if there had been more action it would have been more entertaining. It felt good to see Matt shoot Ray in the chest a couple of times at the cemetery. I thought revenge had been served but the guy was wearing a damn bulletproof vest. He was killed later by his partner in crime, Albert, which by the way doesn’t really explain why he did that. Why did Albert kill his partner? Let me know in the comments below why you think he did that. Also is it just me, or did anybody else not know these kidnappers were gay? I just found out after reading about it online. Sure, you hear Matt talk to him about his boyfriend, but since nothing more came of it, it could have been as an insult. Or maybe if you are clever enough, Matt mentioning the “Bert and Ernie act” may have hinted it. I had no clue until after the movie was over.

So yeah, this film has mixed reviews. The acting was okay and the plot was nothing special. Overall I wouldn’t watch the film again, at least not for entertaining purposes.

Thank you for reading my review! 🙂

– Nick Andersen

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