#23 – De-Lovely – by Nick Andersen

De-Lovely pic review

De-Lovely is a 2004 musical biopic directed by Irwin Winkler and written by Jay Cocks; based on the life and career of Cole Porter. It stars Kevin Kline, Ashley Judd, Jonathan Pryce and Kevin McNally. I personally do not enjoy film musicals. When people break into a song, I roll my eyes and count the seconds until it’s over. But I love biopics and this one came as a good recomendation, so like any other film, I gave it a try. In fact, I watched it with a friend because they wanted to see it again and in turn, I ended up liking it a lot. It’s a beautiful and entertaining journey through the start of Cole Porter’s career, his meeting with Linda Lee Thomas, his love interests and finally his death.


How can a person who doesn’t like film musicals end up liking this musical? Okay, so it’s not completely a musical but also a biopic. There are no, let’s say, non French people playing French characters, talking/singing in English, like in the musical Les MisĂ©rables (2012). When actors speak English while playing non English roles, that’s something I cannot take serious, like Tom Cruise as Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg in Valkyrie (2008). Not only that but he didn’t even try a German accent. It’s just not believable for me, which is why I turned it off after 30 minutes. I would say that because De-Lovely is a biopic about a musician, it makes sense and I enjoy the Blue Martini genre and music from the 1930s+ so this was easy for me to like.

Kevin Kline does a wonderful job. He’s such a fun and charismatic guy with a great talent for singing and playing the piano. It was very fun to watch this entertainer sing and play and charm everyone around him. Just an ace of a person. Ashley Judd, or better yet the lovely Ashley Judd, played the lovely Linda Lee Thomas. They both really were lovely and beautiful. Her and Kevin Kline made a great couple and you could tell that he truly loved her.

When a song comes up, it isn’t long or tedious as it would bother those who don’t enjoy musicals. Not every other scene is a song. So yes, this musical biopic was easy and fun to watch.

If all musicals are like this then I think I’m missing out! But if they aren’t then this goes to show what a beautiful and excellent film musical this is and what a great job the director and producers did. I admit that I didn’t want the film to end. It has that magic where you wish it could go on forever. 51 years after his death, Cole Porter’s music and legacy still go on, and will go on forever.

Thanks for reading my review!

– Nick Andersen

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