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Last night I went to see Sing Street, an awesome Irish film, with just the right amount of music, drama and a great love story that makes you remember those youth days when everything in our lives was influenced by the songs we listened to.

Directed by Jhon Carney, this movie follows the line of  Once and Begin Again, << that acctually inspired me to write this>> and yes this movie is about a someone who’s in love, someone that writes songs and finds friends to make music together.

The premise is about Conor, a young boy that recently moved to a different school and one day meets Raphina, this beautiful and mysterious girl who wants to move to London and be a model… The movie it’s not only about a group of friends forming a band, you’ll see Conor’s journey to overcome his fears and…

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Cumpliendo el sueño de un niño que quería ser escritor...

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