#4 – Project Almanac

If something had tought us “Back to the Future” is that you can’t play with time travel without consequences and the laws that are applied, well in this movie “Project: Almanac” if you pay attention you can find some mistakes that should be pretty obvious but they handle so that you focus on other things and so you would not notice these small errors about time travel.

Project: Almanac sets very few time travel rules, but one that is established early and used much later in the film is that if you look at your past/future self and they look back, you start to flicker out of existence. The problem is the parade of temporal convenience that makes that rule have no effect on the movie  between the establishing scene and the payoff near the end.

The group travels back a few weeks to help the one who showed that you can’t look at yourself in the past, Goldberg, pass a chemistry exam. It doesn’t go well, so after they come back to the present, they try it again. Then they try it again.

Well, that threw all time travel laws out the window.

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Film Trivia: 9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About “The Hangover”

1. During casting for “The Hangover”, Lindsay Lohann was offered the part of Jade, the stripper, but turned it down because she wasn’t into the script and thought the movie wouldn’t succeed. Heather Graham got the role instead, and appears again in Part III. Lohan later admitted to regretting her decision.

2. Ed Helms didn’t need a special mouthpiece for his character Stu’s missing tooth. In real life, Helms has a tooth implant because his adult incisor never grew in. He simply removed his dental implant for filming.

3. Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jr. were considered for John Goodman’s role in “The Hangover Part III.”

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