#30 – Trapped Magic – by Nick Andersen

“Trapped Magic is a short dark fantasy loosely based on the myth of Sally the Dunstable Witch and the Bottled Curse and is angled as a relative to the BBC series ‘Merlin.’ The film was spurred from my love for all things fantasy.” – Heather Aspinall (director)

From the two minutes of this short preview of Trapped Magic, I will share my honest opinions. The first thing I noticed and immediately liked was the cinematography. Great location, angles, lighting and that fade filter it has over the picture. The second thing I noticed and was thrown off by was Claire Pulpher’s acting. This troubles me, especially if this project will be turned into a film. Her acting is noticeably fake or theatre-like; as if she were in front of an audience, playing the part too hard so for those in the back of the crowd, could hear her. I feel like she overacted her part. Now, when it was Callum Wernyj’s turn to speak, it was quiet and disconnecting. Yes that may be because of his shy character, but it was very obvious since his performance is such an extreme opposite to Claire’s loud one. I hope this scene doesn’t set the stage for the rest of the film, because so far, I have no interest in watching the eventual completed film. I have spoken with Abdiel about this, and we watched it for the first time together, and he also shares the same experience as mine. I don’t mean to bash on someone’s hard-worked creation, but they have reached out and asked us to do a review on this short clip, and these are our honest thoughts about it.

Thanks for reading our review!

– Nick Andersen & Abdiel Galindo