#39 – Daddy’s Home – by Nick Andersen

DaddysHome pic review

Daddy’s Home is a 2015 comedy film directed by Sean Anders and written by Brian Burns, Anders, and John Morris. The film stars Will Ferrel, Mark Wahlberg and Linda Cardellini. Will Ferrel plays as Brad Whitaker, trying to get his stepchildren to like him and call him Dad but has his plans ruined when their biological father, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) returns. This is Ferrel’s and Wahlberg’s second collaboration since 2010 action-comedy The Other Guys. The trailer for Daddy’s Home looked good and seeing these two big stars working together again showed promise and possibly some 96 minutes worth of good entertainment. But sadly this wasn’t case. Not only was it not funny but it was lame. The chemistry between the two main protagonists was nonexistent and the whole air of the comedy felt forced with cheesy situations and weak¬†jokes. All the stuff you see in the trailer are the good parts and that’s it! You are left waiting for character¬†development that will never happen. Dusty’s character had you thinking he was a wild badass and there were moments you’d think he was about to prove that, but no such moment ever happened. The whole cast lacked energy except for two actors: Thomas Haden Church and Hannibal Buress. Those two had me genuinely laughing in each of their scenes. Basically, it was a total let down and would suggest everyone to stay away from this one. Don’t let your thoughts about Ferrel and Wahlberg be ruined by this terrible “comedy.”