The Amateur Film Reviews Crew


AFR is a project between friends who share a hobby of the seventh art. We share our comments about the films we watch.

Who are we?

  • Nick “The creator” Miles: European, somewhat introverted, a lover of photography and psytrance. Nick had the original idea of the project and is in charge of recording and editing of our videos. @N_Andersen
  • Will Pech: Mexican, amateur musician and diver. Will helps us decide which movies we will watch and is in charge of the animation and design of our videos. @wilberth_pech
  • Abdiel Galindo: Experimental drummer and frustrated writer. Abo helps us with the proposition of the project throughout the internet and social networks. @AbdielGalindo

All three of us have currently independent projects that keep us busy, but we try to meet up at least once a week to talk about AFR or to spend time as friends.

Amateur Film Reviews is a new project and we still don’t know where it’s heading. But we hope that AFR becomes a place where we can share our opinion about how we experience the films and perhaps further along other people can join our group and share with us this experience…